Sonicterror Recordings Remix Music Competition/Compo

I typically write news in swedish for the most part. But this time it concerns a music compo announced by  Sonicterror Recordings.

I saw the announcement on social media and thought that it would be fun to take part in it. So, late saturday night, the 4th of November (coincidentally on my sons 8th birthday), I started working on a remix for the competition.

A remix of what song you might ask yourself. Well, End.user’s track Between. A cracking breakcore tune. A genre which is far from the stuff that we usually compose/produce (we’re mostly into Swedish Pop/dance).

Anyway, 24h later we had a remix finished that we thought was decent. Now, we could have gone to extreme lengths and perfected it technically in all ways possible etc; Since the deadline for the competition isn’t until friday the 24th of November. But the overall feeling was that it was good enough. Hence we uploaded the remix to Soundcloud and then we mailed the organizers of the compo.

Interested in listening to the remix? Well, here it is

If you would like to download the source file for the DAW (ie. software used to create the remix), then here it is


We have used Renoise 3.1 (as the DAW) to compose the remix

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